16 Feb

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At the beginning of the school year the school council formed including Bevan McMullan, Tiffany Taylor, Kevin Purdy, Sheryl McMullan, Josh McMullan, Georgia Watson, Ingrid Lumb, Jasmine Hamilton and Harvey Dore. We were soon brainstorming many ideas for the upcoming school year and soon we realised one of our priorities was to support charities. We then had a suggestion to raise money for Shine Charity. This was put forward to the school council and we were trying to find ways to raise money. The idea of a talent show was put forward by the school council which was suggested to the teachers and trustees. We were given the go ahead and it was left in our hands. We then notified the rest of the school as to the talent show. This was met with a great reception and a total of 7 acts signed up to do the talent show.

We were met with many complications but we took each in our stride and decided to do our best with the resources available. We then met with our biggest problem to date: Shine Charity had already received vast donations from the community (who would make up the majority of our audience). Therefore we needed to change the charity. We then had many council meetings which were to no avail. Eventually the news of ebola reaching developed countries inspired us to donate money to aid the work going into preventing this disease. We then researched possible charities which led us to UNICEF’s Ebola Appeal. After deciding on the charity we finalised the decision to hold an event at Newry Campus which would consist of a Talent Show (Secondary Students), Café, and Poster Competition (Primary Pupils).

After many weeks of practicing and preparations the day arrived, 19th December 2014, and everything was full steam ahead. Parents arrived in flocks and we were soon seating, feeding and looking after a much larger audience than we anticipated. The show began with a short presentation that outlined Ebola and what UNICEF was doing in aid of preventing the spread of the disease.

This was followed by a performance from the senior choir.


We then moved onto the main show where the following acts performed:

  • Me, Myself & I (Kent Brennan)


  • Lil Missus (Sheryl McMullan, Kelsey Watson, Natasha Humphris, Sacha Kilbey, Rhianna Joynt, Ebony Watson, Shanna McMullan, Georgia Watson)


  • Rappin Extreme (Ronnie Kilbey & Harvey Dore)


  • One Miracle (Riccardo Robertson)


  • Duo Jam (Declan Spencer & Oscar Humphris)


  • Dream Spin (Roxanne Spencer & Ingrid Lumb)


  • Triple Zero (Bevan McMullan, Kevin Purdy & Harley Brennan)


There was then a short break where the Judges (Mr McGreevy, Mrs Elmore, Mrs Gregory & Miss McAteer) decided upon the winner through a points system. During which the café opened and the audience were welcome customers.



The winners for the talent show were:

1st. Duo Jam & Triple Zero

2nd. Lil Missus & Dream Spin

3rd. Rappin Extreme

The money raised from this and from collection baskets was a total of £700. Overall it was a very enjoyable day for all and was a great success. An enormous thanks to all those who attended, those who donated, the performers, the café staff, the school council, the judges, and to the rest of the students who helped make this day possible. Thank You.

by Kevin Purdy

“On behalf of the children, and all of us at Unicef UK, thank you so much for your school’s valuable contribution.”

Download the Thank You letter from Unicef here