27 Jan

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On 27th November 2014, students from years 10 and 11 went to Killowen Outdoor Education Centre for fieldwork for their GCSE Geography controlled assessment – ‘The impact of recreation on the ecosystem of a deciduous forest’.

Cross-sections of mountain bike trails were recorded, people were questioned, vegetation cover was measured and many photographs were taken!  We are very lucky to have Kilbroney on our doorstep.


On Thursday 27th November 2014, Year 10 and 11 went on a Geography field trip to learn about different effects on a deciduous forest.  First we went to Killowen outdoor education centre to change into some waterproof clothing then we had a briefing on what exactly we will be doing in the forest.  We then went to Kilbroney forest park and studied effects of different things such as erosion, habitat of wildlife and littering.  We also looked at the erosion of mountain biking trails.  I definitely enjoyed myself as it was somewhere away from school but we were still learning vital things for our coursework.  I am sure everyone enjoyed it as much as I did and I really hope we can go on an outing like that again.

Natasha Humphris, Year 10

Yr 10 girls

Killowen was our first stop
Inside the centre we all went
Longing to get going
Leaving with big red coats
Off we went to Kilbroney
With Vince our intelligent tour guide
Endless tracks of mountain bike trails
Numb feet, cold hands, 10 excited pupils.

Shanna McMullan, Year 10

by Melvin Joynt, Year 10

Melvin Joynt, Year 10

In the forestCarrying out work