20 Dec

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The Fire Brigade

On Monday the 1st of December the Fire Brigade visited our school.

They spoke to us about being safe, we were told to have a Fire escape plan and route in our houses in case of an emergency.

Keep candles and flames away from curtains and blinds, this could cause a disaster.

We were taken outside to see the fire engine. We were allowed to spray the hose! This was such fun! One of the men dressed up with the oxygen and gas mask on, if the man had fallen and was on the ground for 21 seconds there would be a sensor that beeped so he could be easily found.

We were given a fire pack which included a question and fire sheet activity.

I really enjoyed the visit.

By Dalton Gilmore P5/Year 4

On Monday 1st December 2014 representatives from the Fire Brigade came to visit classes P4 and P5 to discuss fire safety and possible hazards within the home. These included chip pans, candles, matches and overloaded sockets. They told the children about the importance of having a fire safety plan and regularly checking their fire alarm. They also explained some of the difficulties caused for the fire service by people making hoax calls.

At the end of the visit, the pupils were given the opportunity see the fire engine, to spray the fire hose and to see the uniform and breathing apparatus used by the firemen. Hopefully this has left the pupils well informed about the potential danger of fire and what they should do if an emergency arises.

IMG_1997 - Primary Newry Fire Services